Fear Hack started as a workshop,

run as a experiment.

It’s now a series of exercises

but mainly a conversation.



At a Fear Hack we share,

we hear,

we learn,

then we reframe our relationship with fear

and we build new strategies.

We deal with things like “Imposter Syndrome”


The problem is

that fear stops us.

Fear freezes us up.


What if we could unlock ourselves

by reframing our relationship

with fear itself?



Fear Hack is about how

we get unstuck

It’s about our creativity

Ultimately its about power

and how we relate to fear.


The re-framing is the hack.


(photo by David Hieatt from a workshop we did in Wrexham for the unwaged)


A full workshop

(2-3 hours)

includes a series of exercises

– the “fear dig” – learning


– “fear friend” – actionable strategies


Most Fear Hacks

are shorter


The “Fear Wall” is key

People get to share

and see.


We see patterns

and start to ask questions


What is fear?

Where does it exist?

What is it doing?


We do this in a tent at a festival

or in a basement in the city.


(photos above from an “Escape the City” workshop)

The Fear Hack book is now out.

amazon    hive   waterstones


As well as workshops

Hilary does talks

and is using the fear conversation

in all sorts of ways.

So do get in touch.

2019 Events:

January 22nd – Street Wisdom Fear Hack

January 25th – Do Lectures – Do Breakthrough

January 31st – Meyler Campbell Fear Hack

February 5th – David Gurteen Fear Knowledge Cafe

April 9th (and other dates) –  YCN Fear Hack

April 11th -13th – Do Lectures – Do Breakthrough

9th April – Association of Business Psychology – Fear Hack Talk

1st May – The Trampery – Fear Hack

June 13th – Street Wisdom Fear Hack

July 12th-14th – Idler Festival

July 25th-28th – Port Elliot

August 23-16th – Byline Festival

12-15th September – Good Life Experience


Podcasts and other:

The Innovation Show with Aidan McCullen – Fear Hack

Small Spark Theory/Lucy Mann – Fear Hack

Mavericks Podcast with Charlie Gladstone

Little Challenges – Katie Elliott – Fear Hack

All Things Risk – Hack Your Fear

Small Spark Theory – Negotiation

WB40 Podcast – Hacking Fear