I was a cheeky kid.

Why go to school when you can play in the woods?

Why accept things when you can experiment and take them to bits?


Life on, and in, the water matters to me

and I see vessels and the journeys we make in them

as metaphors for our lives and work



Something about the glamour

maybe the helicopters in the brochures

attracted me to the Law – as a lawyer

you do get to see life under the covers


After a while, I wanted more out of my life

and I wanted to do something crazy

so I left to run my own business

following a passion – designing, solving problems, selling



After a few years I exchanged my business freedom for a salary

and joined a tech business as their lawyer

essentially their problem solver

whilst enjoying the beginnings of middle age spread


I then moved to what had been Ross Perot’s business, EDS

and got involved in the early days of outsourcing in the UK

Ken Follett tells the story of EDS and the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis

and that is how we continued to run the business in the late 90s

on wings of eagles from where, I felt increasingly uncomfortable and jumped

I moved to Andersen Consulting which later became Accenture

and started to focus more on the people side of the business

Over 10 years there, I moved into negotiating and selling deals,

met my wife and a son and a daughter soon followed


During the next 7 years at Capgemini as Commercial Director

I qualified as a mediator and a coach and started writing

In 2013 I left my last job and set up on my own

My first book “The Power of Soft” was crowdfunded

and came out in January 2016


These days I am happy to do what I love

Writing is important to me – observing and connecting

In a practical way

As an enabler to my clients






My detailed career history on LinkedIn is here

In terms of formal qualifications for what I do now, I am a CEDR Accredited Mediator and a Meyler Campbell Executive Coach (accredited by WABC and the SRA)

I’m a Realise2 Accredited Strengths Coach and am also Lumina Spark, Emotion and Leader Accredited

Having structure can be important but I do prefer to meet situations as I find them – context, attitude and action.