I work with all sorts of clients – big organisations like the BBC, family businesses like Berry Bros & Rudd, growing law firms like Fieldfisher, innovators like Coversure, voluntary sector organisations like Community Action Sutton and young market disrupters like unbound.

I also work at all levels – from the board, to the directors, to creative independent founders.

The shared thread is that I am always working with people

I like to work with the whole person – the being as well as the doing

“Enabler” is the word a client gave me when I asked her what I did

en – able.      We are all able.

Sometimes we just need an enabler.

The core of my work is one on one

This is often on transition

a new role, a fresh challenge.

We agree what you’d like to achieve

We check that we are a good fit

We then get you the results you want

I also run team sessions – strategy with enjoyment,

enquiry with learning and change

The format varies depending on the need –

an interview to show the culture,

music to connect emotionally


Sample experiences

Start-up CEO

Working with the CEO of a rapidly growing business – dealing with the disparate needs of investors, complex negotiations with industry partners, setting strategy and vision for the business whilst at the same time keeping organised and personally motivated

Law Firm Department Head

Helping a law firm department head develop into her role as a leader – developing strategy, dealing with people and business development challenges

BBC Executive

Assisting a senior executive at the BBC – helping him deal with work pressures, to prepare himself for a new role and once he got that promotion working with him to develop his approach to motivating his team

Retail Chairman

I worked with the Chairman of a retailer through a number of challenges which resulted in her talking over as CEO for 18 months, revising the group’s strategy and making a series of significant changes to the business. This resulted in higher levels of profitability, the eventual appointment of a new CEO and the Chairman being able to step back into an updated role as the organisation continues to grow.