This was the first time I’ve ever conducted a workshop from a bed. The spirit of the 6os was there and all I could do as I started was to reach out an arm in embrace and to ask the audience “Where is Yoko?”

The bedroom in question was that of Lady Binning whose husband, Lord Binning, was the Commanding Officer of The Royal Horse Guards – the premier calvary regiment of the British Army – at the time the 19th Century turned into the 20th.

Lady Binning gave her house – Fenton ┬áHouse in Hampstead – to the National Trust when she died in 1952.



It was here – in the house and gardens

that the inaugural Idler Festival was held.


It was a sublime weekend

of conversation and sharing


For an hour, we got to talk

to share

and to hack fear

in Lady Binning’s bedroom

and we literally couldn’t have got more people in

Thank you to the Idler for a glorious weekend