I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Connolly once in the bar of a hotel were both staying in.

I was a corporate executive after a day of meetings and he had just finished a gig at Earl’s Court.

What struck me, was that we shared more than I realised. In particular, we were both people doing a job who were, at that moment, seeking to relax.

We were also both away from our families.

It showed me a difference between how I saw Billy and how he really was.

Billy said this about Wisdom:

“As far as I am concerned, wisdom isn’t a guy on a mountain with waist length hair. Wisdom isn’t an answer. Wisdom is a question.

I went to see a shrink once. And I was so disappointed that the shrink didn’t have a big bag of answers.

I came to be very grateful for it later, that what they have is a big bag of questions. You have the answers”


Posted on

22nd February 2017